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Airport Transfers and Shuttle Services


EMTT offers 24-hour taxi service.

We will ferry you to shopping malls, hotels and places of interest.

We also run casino day tours.

About Etsoseng Meter Taxis and Tours

Company Background

Founded in 2003, Etsoseng Meter Taxis and Tours CC has established itself in a relatively short space of time as a company with a formidable track record within the Transport industry.
The company has been formed by individuals with extensive business experience and knowledge for the past 10 years, EMTT provides a variety of Meter Taxiís services, such as Land Transport Services, Transport via Pipelines, most of its clients are Gauteng based, it intends to venture into other provinces in the near future.
It is EMTT's motto to ensure that it understands where its clients come from and where they want to go. This will ensure that it designs and conducts its services in a manner sensitive to its clientsí needs.
EMTT is a black owned and managed company and its shareholding is 100% black.
EMTT is proud to present its enhanced services to its target markets, and is extremely proud of its integrated systems and client-centred approach to service.

Click HERE to download the Etsoseng company profile (.pdf).

The EMTT Vision

EMTT is determined to be a fully integrated Land Transport and Pipeline Transport Solutions company of choice to:

  • Private industry

  • Government departments

The EMTT Mission

EMTT wants to be innovative, selective and profitable, whilst being focused and have people on its staff who will provide intellectual solutions to its clients

  • To be a value driven integrated Land Transport and Pipeline Transport Solutions company and

  • To have a long-term focus on profits, to provide maximum returns on shareholders' investments.

EMTT's Values

  • We operate comfortable, clean and well-maintained vehicles

  • Empowerment of EMTT employees and communities in which it operates

  • Integrity

  • Courteous Professional Drivers

  • Ethics. We do not miss calls

  • We are efficient, always on time and give you a reliable service.

EMTT's commitment is to identify, meet and exceed its clientsí expectations by providing forward-looking, cost-effective, efficient and personal services.

EMTT provides personal service by being constantly available to clients and responding to their needs. It establishes strong, long lasting relationships based on the highest standards. EMTT provides expert and impartial advice and maintains the highest standards of professional conduct and expertise.

EMTT's commitment to service excellence is embodied in its Client Care Charter. This identifies the standards of client care which you can expect from EMTT.

Client Care Charter

EMTT's strategic approach

EMTT will:

  • Aim to meet your expectations and then exceed them.

  • Agree with you a plan and budget for each work assignment you placed with EMTT.

  • Monitor progress, so that EMTT can discuss and agree with you any departure from its plan as soon as possible.

  • Access for you the expertise of other associated professionals, where this may be needed.


To ensure that you receive an efficient level of service from EMTT it will

  • Respond to any telephone call from you within one working day and reply to your correspondence (whether received by post, FAX or e-mail) within three working days of receipt.

  • Handle all your enquiries courteously and confidently.

  • See to it that you have direct access during working hours to the member of EMTT's staff managing your work assignment.

  • Communicate with you in a clear and concise manner.

  • Respect your need for confidentiality.

Adding value

To ensure that EMTT provides you with added value, it will:

  • Keep you informed about the progress of your work assignment.

  • Discuss with you, where appropriate, new ideas for your business.

Quality assurance

Because EMTT believes quality service matters, it will:

  • Review your work assignment before it is completed so that it can ensure it has done all that it said it would do.

  • On completing your work assignment, review its performance and carry out an appraisal of the members of its staff who have been working with you.

Cost effective service

  • EMTT will provide you with a value for money, cost effective and efficient service.


  • Land Transport

  • Transport Via Pipelines

  • Daily Tours by Arrangement


To ensure that EMTT provides you with value added services, it will

  • Conduct needs and situational analysis.

  • Clarifying of expectations.

  • Create a working framework based on common understanding and values.

  • Be directly involved in job and wealth creation.

  • Discuss with you, where appropriate, new ideas for your business.

EMTT's highly trained professional individuals have been in the industry for many years, giving you confidence their knowledge, skills, experience and their integrity. EMTT's fees are highly competitive and EMTT offers real value for money to all of its clients.

EMTT believes that its independency from its clients ensures that its interests will not conflict with those of its clients in any of the advice it provides.


Specific key benefits of using EMTT as your preferred service provider include:

  • EMTT is committed and has strong transformation structures as evidenced by its staff composition.

  • EMTT keeps at the forefront of developments in the industry for the benefit of its clients with its up to date advice.

  • EMTT's fees are highly competitive and it offers real value for money to all of its clients.

  • EMTT's success has resulted in a resource infrastructure that provides a comprehensive range of the sector services. EMTT's core services are:

    o Land Transport Services

    o Pipeline Transport Services

EMTT strongly supports and abides by the industry's Professional Practices including the Codes of Ethics of the professional bodies to which it belongs.


EMTT prides itself in keeping at the forefront of developments in the industry and is please to confirm its intended affiliation with the following professional bodies.

  • Ekurhuleni Regional Meter Taxi Council

  • Gauteng Provincial Meter Taxi Council


EMTT's staff members have built up extensive working experience and knowledge over 10 years in the following industries:

  • Public Transport

And EMTT's members have also completed the following industry training courses:

  • Taxi Skills Programme

  • Operate a Rigid vehicle training

  • Provide commuter services training



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