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What is the CPF?

Community Policing Forums (CPFs) were re-established in terms of Section 22(1) of Act 68, 1995 of the South African Constitution. Through this Act, all members of communities were given a platform to participate in the policing of their communities.

Who constitutes a CPF?


In 2004, for the first time, Communities were given direct oversight and authority regarding their own Safety and Security.

Essentially what this means, in all designated communities and in the case of our town, BENONI in particular, is that:

  • in partnership with all the law enforcement entities, we, the community of Benoni, becomes involved; committed and active in ensuring the SAFETY and SECURITY of our town and in combating CRIME.

  • all law enforcement entities – (in the National, Provincial and Local Governments, BENONI SAPS, Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department, EMM?, Gauteng Provincial Government’s Department of Community Safety, and all BENONI Ward Councillors) ARE ANSWERABLE (through the CPF) to the NEEDS of the community regarding SAFETY and SECURITY and against CRIME

WHAT is the BENONI CPF mandated to do?

  • The CPF ensures the efficient and appropriate service delivery of safety and security to the community of Benoni

  • The CPF addresses complaints against any policing entities on behalf of the community and against criminal elements in a particular community on behalf of the Policing partners.

  • The CPF builds communication and problem-solving channels between all policing partners and the community

  • The CPF produces safety plans from reported police statistics as well as community needs/complaints regarding crime hot spots /suspicious activities etc.

  • The CPF plans and participates in anti-crime exercises resulting from the needs and complaints of the communities

  • The CPF raises Funds to ensure its continued existence and project building capacity.

  • The CPF facilitates meetings regarding Safety and Security and CRIME in Benoni between the public and all the law enforcements entities on a monthly basis. CPF General Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 7pm – (regardless of public holidays) at the Benoni Town Hall.

Every citizen in BENONI who wishes to become part of the SOLUTION against CRIME in our town and in our country is encouraged to become involved and active in the BENONI CPF.

“Crime will thrive and triumph in a community where good citizens…...do nothing”

How can YOU, a good citizen of BENONI…DO something and become part of making a difference against CRIME?

Become an ACTIVE, INVOLVED and COMMITTED member of your particular SECTOR CRIME FORUM (SCF).

Your active involvement in and commitment to your SCF and to the CPF as a whole, will give you the opportunity to offer your unique skills and resources in the collective fight against crime and for the safety and security of our town.

CPF projects

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SCF contacts


A Sector Crime Forum (SCF), is a SUB-FORUM of the CPF. It is elected by residents, industry and business, to represent them in a specific geographic area of Benoni. This is known as a Sector. BENONI has 8 SECTORS. The members of an SCF are responsible for all Community Policing functions in their particular sector.

People who live/work in each sector are encouraged to bring all their safety/security/crime-related issues to the attention of their respective Sector Crime Forums (SCFs). Their issues are discussed and tabled at the meeting and then addressed to the particular law enforcement entities for a response.

For meeting dates and venues of the SCFs, please contact the Sector Chairpersons mentioned below.

Contact details of the eight Benoni SCFs


AREA covered




Rynfield and Morehill

Roy Chetty

082 782 5181


Northmead & Airfield

Graham Boyder


3 Benoni AG Holdings & Benoni Small Farms

Dina de Cruz

011 967 2213

4 Farrarmere, Alphen Park, Goedeburg

Tony Forrester

082 892 7988

5 Western Extension and the CBD

David Payaniandi


6 Lakefield, Lakefield Ext 21, Kilfenora, The Stewards

Adam Ahmed

083 321 9590

7 Mackenzie Park North and South, Apex, New Modder, Rynsoord, Golden Drive

Reza Patel

084 440 0002

8 Kingsway and Lindelani

Lolo Mgibe



CPF Contact details



contact CPF chairman


sector crime forums

SCF contacts

CPF PROJECTS 2005-2006

Since its re-establishment last year, the Benoni CPF has successfully implemented the following projects;

  1. Vulnerable Citizens A project which ensures that Safety & Security is brought to those who are most vulnerable viz; Senior Citizens, the Mentally & Physically Challenged as well as Children.

  2. Sizanani A project staffed by CPF volunteers from across the Metropolis, who, under the auspices of the Benoni CPF, have been successfully trained by the Dept. of Justice, SAPS and iThemba Rape Crisis Centre, in order to assist DOMESTIC VIOLENCE victims through the Judicial System. This project operates from the donated premises of the Benoni Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as from the Benoni Magistrates Court.

  3. Security Companies A project which affords the Security Companies which service Benoni, a platform to share and understand crime patterns, statistics and related matters and a forum to table and resolve issues regarding service delivery complaints, to facilitate ideas, and implement initiatives to ensure an increased and concerted level of co-operation & communication between all anti-crime stakeholders.

  4. Victim Support A project which provides support for victims of crime, from an emotional support and process assistance perspective, through the Policing bureaucracy and into the Justice System.

  5. Event Management A committee which arranges and co-ordinates requests for Policing entities to host workshops, events and displays at schools, organisations, religious bodies as well as sports & social bodies, amongst others.

  6. Monitoring & Evaluation A team that monitors the functioning of the SAPS members at the Police Station, auditing and recording their resources regarding both vehicles and manpower, and evaluating the quality of service rendered to the Customers at the Customer Service Centres (CSCs), as well as registering and reporting on the levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction of service delivery provided to the Community. This is done with a view to correcting problems

  7. Conflict Resolution A committee comprising CPF members, Ward Councillors, Liquor Licence Officers, Environmental Officers, EMPD as well as GPG members, who meet to regard complaints, and who attempt to resolve these issues at grassroots level, between parties, thus lightening the burden on the Police and Justice System.


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